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About Us

What We Do?

Mambo Travellers is a local Modern traveling company based in Kenya that offers handcrafted domestic safaris around East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda & Zanzibar).With the cut-throat competition in the industry we research and develop each individual itinerary for the selected locations, ensuring quality accommodations, exhilarating activities and ample time for exploration. Based on our local experiences, we aim to alleviate any planning stress and allow travelers the opportunity to focus solely on the fruitfulness of their stay in Africa with other like-minded people. In addition, Mambo Travellers also offers personalized customized trips for travelers seeking to embark on their own individual adventures.

You’ll never have to tolerate generic itineraries again.

Our Edge

✧ Our aim is to share – in a unique way few others can – the unrushed, unpretentious and unspoiled splendor of the countries we love and live in: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda — in a unique way that others can’t.

✧ We infuse all our customers feedback in our decision making processes. Through this we improve our service delivery, maintain a relationship with our clients, fortify our strengths, and continuously innovate our services to serve the continuously evolving market trends.

Mambo Travellers is proud to have a passionate and dedicated team of  professional trip curators, well experienced local guides across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to give our travellers an opportunity to see Africa from the adventurous vantage point.

Our Pillars

100% Operated by the Locals

Our safari adventures are crafted and operated by a team born and raised in Kenya/Tanzania/Rwanda/Zanzibar who knows every detail of both countries.

100% Handcrafted Experiences

To guarantee emotionally engaging journeys, all of our trips are designed and meticulously planned in-house.

100% Sustainable Travel

We aim to respect and enrich the local environment while involving our travelers in an open dialogue to encourage them to practice ethical tourism on a finite planet.

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