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Charles Kibe
As the Covid pandemic continues to spread across the World, Travel has been complicated by the lack of factual and available information when one is planning to travel.  A lot of unverified information is available online and mostly one would get confused by different sources of information recommending totally different sets of instructions. To help...
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BEST OF KENYA SAFARI – A KENYA JOURNEY TO THE WILD Best of Kenya safari is a 10 day safari package that has been carefully crafted and packaged to give you a glimpse into the varied wildlife around Kenya. An amazing safari that takes you to the foot of Mt Kenya reaching a staggering 2700...
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COMBINING A KENYA AND TANZANIA SAFARI Kenya and Tanzania are located east of Africa and are one of the main safari destinations renowned for some of the best wildlife experiences. Combining a Kenya and Tanzania safari brings you close to an amazing array of Wildlife unmatched by any other destination. Kenya and Tanzania are host...
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Survival of the Lions of Mara and Serengeti When a male Lion cub is born, he strolls around with the confidence of a future king. With the assumption that he will always have it easy in the jungle and dominate the pride. Sooner, reality will set in and he will take it the hard way:...
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