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Magical Kenya
About Kenya

Kenya, a country of scenic beauty, lies on the eastern coastline of Africa covering an area of 600,000 square Kilometers. The Indian Ocean borders it on the east, providing a welcoming beach-front and whispering palm trees. Tanzania is on the south; Uganda on the west; Ethiopia to the north; with Somalia lying on the northeast. L. Victoria, the second largest lake in the world is found on the extreme west and is shared by Uganda and Tanzania.

The Equator cuts through the country from east to west allowing almost equal hours of day and night, while the Great Rift Valley running north to south gives it its varied terrain of mountains, hills, ranges, escarpment and rolling plains, interspersed with rivers, lakes, streams and cascading falls. Kenya’s main tourist attraction and economy earner, its wildlife, is housed in these forest covered lands defined by the various game parks and reserves.

Kenya’s geographical position contributes the climate of two rainy seasons; the short rains from October to November, while the long rains are from April/May all through to July. In these months the country experiences low to moderate temperatures specially the highlands that are quite cold. The Western region, around the lake creates a climate of its own, while coastal areas have moderate temperatures to high temperatures. Northern Kenya usually undergoes periods of none to minimal rainfall. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is a cosmopolitan city where various races of people live, work and socialize together. It lies to the South of the equator and east of the Rift Valley.

English and Swahili are the national languages of the country, a homeland for a large number of indigenous tribes, and people from all corners of the world. Kenya, a country made up of warm, welcoming people and its magnificent tapestry of landscapes make a visit delightfully rewarding and memorable.


Best Season:

All Year Round

Popular Location:

Masai Mara, Amboseli, Nairobi, Mombasa, Mt.Kenya


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